Short Stories

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HOPper METAPHOROSIS: A home AI investigates a mystery and discovers more than he went looking for.
Only One Shoebox THE FABLE ONLINE: A man sorts through his recently deceased grandmother's treasured belongings (pg 24).
Finding Persephone THE LORELEI SIGNAL: Demeter embarks on an interstellar search for her missing daughter, aided by the love of her worshippers, only to discover that all is not as she assumes it to be.
Malleta's Song THE FABLE ONLINE: A woman reflects on her centuries-long history from where she sits on the auction block (pg 11).


Murphy's Law 9TALES FROM ELSEWHERE: Murphy just can't seem to catch a break. Surviving a crash landing on an uninhabited moon should be considered good luck, right?
Honour Thy Father KZINE 18: A widow will do whatever it takes to protect her children - especially from her own father.
Stars, Moons, and Gods ALIEN DIMENSIONS: A remote astronomer breaks the rules to be the first to announce the biggest finding in human history.
The Fall of Londapta 9TALES FROM ELSEWHERE: A teacher learns that he has been teaching revisionist history his entire career.
St. Zeno's School for the Gifted 9TALES FROM ELSEWHERE: A boy learns he's not who he thought he was and must somehow face the toughest challenge of his life.